22 May 1901

Foundation of Villars Chocolate Factory by Mr. William Kaiser.


Villlars expands thanks to its high quality (different distinctions are awarded, her products are chosen for many royal engagements, the company is seen as an exclusive chocolate supplier).


The first Villars cows appear in different Swiss regions as symbols of quality and high quality Swiss milk


Villars acquires and installs a coffee roasting machine. In the same year, Mr. Kaiser invents the first chocolate bar filled with liqueur. Thus the creation of "Larmes de Kirsch" or "Kirsch drops"


Takeover and integration of Perrier SA, Chavannes. Villars acquires the famous « Tête au Choco » or « Chocolate Swiss Whips », a product leader in the Swiss market.


The year of the takeovers of the coffee roasting machines "Kaiser AG" for the Swiss Germans, Caffè la Ticinese for the Swiss Italians and "Sogura" for the sugar.


The Federation of Fribourg Dairy products and Cremo SA, takes the decision to rescue the chocolate factory from bankruptcy.


The "Têtes de nègre" or "Negro heads" changes name. Villars decides to rename it with the famous "Tête au Choco" or "Swiss Chocolate Whips".


Rebought by the "Bongrain" group. The new direction focuses on giving a brand new company image, by changing the logo, improving the quality and developing new products and decorations.


Swiss Marketing Trophy 2001
First prize thanks to the "Petit Perrier"/"Small Perrier Swiss Whips"


Opening of the Villars chocolate shop in October 2003. Situated at the heart of the chocolate factory, this café is placed in a warm and authentic setting.


Villars is awarded first prize for the "encouragement to the company most socially aware " in the category for companies with more than 20 employees. It is awarded by the Economic Network of Fribourg town and the Canton of Fribourg. This prize recognises formally and publically the fundamental role that the company plays in the region, not only in the economy but also in the social, environmental, and cultural arenas.


Swiss Specialities Collection. In 2004 , Villars launches the first metal box based on a poster created over 100 year ago. Four collectable metal boxes are sold from 2004 which are based on original "Chocolats Villars" posters.


The chocolate bar "Dark chocolate with coffee chips" is awarded gold medal for the 7th Quality trophy prize, in the sweet products and dessert section, by the French magazine "Cuisine et Vins de France".


Introduction of the Swiss Pralines.


Introduction of a new metal box which pays tribute to the domed ceiling of the Swiss Federal Parliament. This domed ceiling depicts the coat of arms of all the Swiss cantons.


Introduction of the New Swiss Drinking Chocolate.