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Villars, a specialist in Swiss milk chocolate, presents an outstanding selection of pure chocolates, created using different chocolate variations on milk: White Pure, Blond Pure, Milk Pure, Fusion Pure, Dark Pure Fruity 64% and Dark Pure Intense 72%.


Selected cocoa beans

At the Villars factory in Fribourg, each batch of cocoa beans is meticulously roasted to extract the distinctive aromas. Once roasted, the beans are carefully refined and the paste slowly conched to obtain chocolate with a rich flavour and delicate finish.

The finest Swiss milk

Situated in an exceptional dairy farming region, Villars benefits from milk of unrivalled quality. The rich pastures in the Fribourg region lend this white gold the remarkable smoothness and sought-after taste that characterize our chocolates.

Specially sourced ingredients

By carefully selecting ingredients at source and developing lasting relationships with our suppliers, we are able to offer you the finest chocolate collection, inspired by excellence from around the world.