Pure Swiss liqueurs

Pure Swiss liqueurs


The excellence of Villars chocolates meets the best of Swiss spirits

The excellence of Villars chocolates  meets the best of Swiss spirits

Villars’ ambition is to enhance Swiss quality, support the local economy and safeguard traditional expertise. Villars and Distisuisse have come together in a natural alliance to promote Swiss quality.

Villars creates a collector box, perfectly combining the best Swiss spirits with Villars’ chocolate excellence.

Blond chocolate’s hints of caramel and biscuit are harmoniously blended with the fruity flavour of Williams pear. Creamy milk chocolate is balanced with the bold, fruity flavour of kirsch.

Six liqueurs have been carefully selected for their flavours, complementing the six chocolates in the “Pure” range.

Pure White & Absinthe from the Christophe Racine distillery
Blond & Williams pear from the Hümbel distillery
Milk & kirsch from the Wirz distillery
Fusion & whisky from the Zürcher distillery
Dark 64% & wild raspberry from the Studer distillery
and, finally Dark 72% & gin from the Z’Graggen distillery

The perfect gift for others or for yourself!