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Our Passion

The happy marriage of cocoa and Swiss milk

Located in an area renowned for its exceptional dairy farms, Villars Maître Chocolatier enjoys a quality of milk like no other one. Swiss milk – authentic, natural and pure – is selected and collected with as much care as the cocoa beans, and is chosen as much for its nutritive value as for its creamy taste.

The area extends from Neuchâtel to Valais via Fribourg. Small family farms work three breeds of dairy cow – the brown and white Simmental, the Brown Swiss and the famous Fribourgeoise, also known as the Swiss Holstein. These small family farms, with no more than 20 to 25 cows, practice traditional breeding methods such as providing balanced feed of hay and fresh grass, putting out to pasture according to natural rhythms, daily contact with the animals and preservation of the environment on the plains and mountains.

This is how the richness of French Switzerland’s pastures is found in the full, round and balanced marriage of milk and chocolate.

Superior quality starts with the best beans


Whether Criollo, Forastero or Trinitario and their sub-varieties, the cocoa beans are chosen for their variable quality of aroma and taste and their specific soil type. These criteria are part of a true culture of chocolate, the sum of experience and knowledge passed on from one master chocolate maker to another.

A nuance of bananas or red fruits in Madagascar, a hint of coconut in Ivory Coast or dried fruits in Ghana, a trace of cinnamon in Ecuador; each region gives the cocoa beans a specific aroma that the Villars master chocolate makers cultivate and combine for their recipes.

At the Villars factory in Fribourg, roasting is done by bean variety, batch by batch, to extract the aromas chosen by the master chocolatier. The cocoa beans are then meticulously refined to a soft paste. This paste is then slowly and generously conched and stirred to refine the texture, bring out its full flavour and smoothness.

Only the finest ingredients for unforgettable flavour

Scrupulous selection of natural ingredients at source is part of how we develop lasting relationships with our suppliers, with an emphasis on local products.

Our 100% Swiss sugar from sugar beet is grown only in this country and meets the following sustainability criteria:

  • short distribution cycle 
  • smart waste recycling.

Liqueurs are 100% Swiss and come from the finest Swiss distilleries.

Apricot and Williams pear from Valais, for example, cherry from Zug and absinthe from Val de Travers lend Villars chocolate their individual flavours.

Outside Switzerland the master chocolatiers of Villars comb the world for perfect combinations. Hazelnuts from Rome, candied oranges from Sicily, Spanish almonds and nougat from Montélimar all contribute to the range of flavours of Villars chocolate.