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Chocolate Type

Pure White

Slightly sweetened and with a wonderful ivory colour, Villars white chocolate perfectly combines smooth Swiss milk and subtle hints of vanilla. Our Maître Chocolatiers specifically source the natural vanilla of Madagascar with its particularly rich flavour to complement the smooth and creamy texture of the chocolate, which is sure to conjure up memories of childhood.

Pure Blond

Villars blonde chocolate is a perfectly balanced original creation with subtle notes of caramelised biscuit. The finest, delicately caramelised Swiss milk in an exceptional, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate.

Pure Milk

At the heart of the Villars craft, Pure Milk expertly pairs intense, long-conched cocoa with the unrivalled creaminess of Swiss milk. A fine, well-rounded and balanced chocolate that represents the quintessential embodiment of Villars’ chocolate-making expertise. Chocolate indulgence par excellence

Pure Fusion

Fusion is a bold Villars creation for lovers of milk chocolate with an intense cocoa flavour. It superbly balances the intensity of the cocoa with the smoothness and creaminess of the milk.

Pure Dark

An exquisite chocolate full of contrast and subtlety thanks to the intensity of locally sourced cocoa and fruity, harmonious notes, giving an unrivalled, full-rounded flavour. A cocoa palette ranging from sweet to full-bodied (64 to 72%) Uganda, Madagascar, Ecuador, Peru, Ivory Coast, Ghana