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Proud of its Swiss origin and particularly involved in the selection of the products offered, Villars Maître Chocolatier has always fostered raw materials and suppliers from Switzerland.

Thanks to a meticulous selection and a high degree of traceability of the best dairies of our regions, Villars Maitre Chocolatier offers you a unique selection of 3 milk chocolate bars from our Swiss cantons. A true tribute to the reputation of these milks so emblematic of our regions!

Each region has its own identity and its own recipe: milky and melt-in-the-mouth for the milk of Bern, creamy and caramelised for the milk of Fribourg…and the newest addition to the collection, on sale since April 2021: the milk of the canton of Vaud, with its typical cocoa notes!

To complete this journey to the Swiss pastures, special care has been taken with the moulding of these bars. Against a backdrop of pastures and the climb to the mountain pastures, the revisited “Poya”, which decorates the stables with naive paintings, is mandatory on the product. Finally, a nod to the different breeds of cows, symbol of each region, is illustrated on our packaging.

Enjoy a unique taste experience!

Discover the typical taste of milk from our Swiss cantons combined with notes of cocoa and enhanced by the know-how of our Swiss Maître Chocolatiers!

Discover it now in your store.

Swiss Milk: Bern
Swiss Milk: Fribourg
Swiss Milk: Vaud

The Collection of the Moment

For more than a century, we have been perpetuating the tradition of our Maîtres Chocolatiers by being faithful to the Swiss terroir and by selecting the best ingredients.


Tasting box

3 “Swiss Milk” bars


Lait de Fribourg

3,90 CHF


Lait du pays de Vaud

3,90 CHF


Lait de Bern

3,90 CHF

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