“Swiss Vintage”, the new collection of Villars metal boxes

Villars has expanded its collection of metal boxes with a “Swiss Vintage” range in fresh and colourful retro designs.
Villars has chosen to honour the Swiss artist Martin Peikert by choosing 3 of his posters from the last century depicting the Villars cow.

3 boxes to collect:

“La Randonnée” (The hike), which captures the purity of Swiss nature through a young hiker enjoying Villars chocolate

“Le Petit Armailli” (the little dairyman), a typical shepherd from the Fribourg and Vaudois Alps, where 100% of Villars chocolate comes from.

“Les Petits Gourmands” (the little gourmets), two playful young lovers of chocolate, a hymn to delicacies and zest for life.

Each box contains an assortment of 4 Swiss mini chocolate recipes, great as a gift for others, or for yourself!