A particular synergy links our company and artists.

Villars has always been inspired by the artistic life
There is a particular synergy between our company and the artists, so the creative spirit is reflected in the meticulous elaboration of the chocolate, that is produced with passion by our chocolatiers.
The first illustrator to associate his skills with the Villars brand was Martin Peikert (1901.1975). The Zug graphic and poster designer is at the origin of the famous Villars cow, as well as our pastel-coloured « Swiss Vintage » metal boxes, whose timeless illustrations have been created over the past century.
Emile Cardinaux (1877-1936) produced a series of posters that inspired a whole generation of chocolate lovers. The chalet, the Raven, the Fox, or even the Chalamala were designed by him ! The Bernese painter, who specialises in the creation of tourist advertising posters, worked for the Swiss Railways before being commissioned by Villars Chocolate, among others. His modern style and avant-garde vision of marketing have helped to keep his work alive to this day.
More recently, Jacques Vallotton, a cartoonist and caricaturist from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, who’s very involved in the world of comics, has brought a touch a freshness and cheerfulness to our tourist chocolate range, thanks to his little Mumu Cow. Born in 1999, the Swiss mascot has been declined in more that 5 million objects and is exported well beyond our borders. Drawn with the left hand – while the artist is right-handed – evokes a spontaneous and sympathetic image. It’s added to our collection and now appears on several of our products, including a metal box.
This successful tradition that combines art and chocolate continues today through our Instagram account. Daniela Constantini is a young photographer based in Bern, who has been lending her know-how and talent to Villars since 2018. The nostalgic delicacy, raw poetry and authenticity that emerge from her photographs reflect perfectly the values we wish to transmit.
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